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The Business Operating System for Freelancers

Position your services, attract customers, close business and build passive income streams with Freelance Notion

What customers say


I'd pay more than I did for the content. The contracts being included is a bonus.

Hell of a product. Made some changes to my business already and am raring to go.


There was far more content than I expected for the price.

I am currently reading through the chapters and they are great. The contract templates and CRM system have been very useful.


Congrats on your work on the FreelancerOS Natalie!

I really enjoyed the chapter on pricing and negotiations, so many great insights

Freelancing doesn't have to be hard.

Are you plannning to become a freelancer, or are you a freelancer who wants to increase your earnings without spending more time on client projects?

Save yourself time. Invest in Freelance Notion, packed with actionable insights to help you achieve your revenue goals.

"I wish I had Freelance Notion when I started my freelance journey. It would have made my journey a lot easier/clearer"

Francais, Founder The Notion Bar.

How does Freelance Notion work?

Freelance Notion is an operating system for freelancers.

It has all the benefits of reading a book, the organisational structure of a project management system and structured tasks to keep you focused on the business activities that will grow your revenue.

Plus, gain access to legal contract templates, business development documents and a database of tools recommended for freelancers.

What you will get

The Freelancer Operating System includes

  • 10 step business development system

  • The freelancer pricing framework

  • Commercial legal contract templates

  • Business proposal templates

  • Accounting templates

  • Customer email templates

  • Social media engagement framework

  • Decision making frameworks

  • Database of freelancer tools

  • Video tutorials

  • Database of additional resources

  • Access to skill based communities

  • One-to-one coaching (premium only)

See what’s inside

"I lost my job 5 months back, I have just started my journey into freelancing and building a portfolio as a web development consultant. I really love the freelance notion! It has become my go-to resource. "

Rahul Sahu, Web developer and digital marketer.

How to use Freelance Notion

Progress through the chapters

If you enjoy a linear, step by step learning experience work through the steps using the chapter system and complete tasks one by one in order to achieve your goals.


Find resources on the fly

If you need to find a specific tool for your business, use the search system to find the right resources at the right time.


Get your Freelancer Operating System.

2021 Special Offer


  • 10 chapter e-book

  • Legal freelancing contract templates, worth £1000.

  • Marketing system to help you attract more quality clients

  • Pricing models, for every type of client.

  • Revenue growth strategies, which work.

  • Inbuild client CRM

  • Task tracking system, automated to linked to your clients

Standard Price


  • Everything in Freelance Notion - The Freelancer Operating System.

  • Pay the recommended retail price.

Meet Natalie, Founder of Freelance Notion.

Hello, it's nice to meet you,

I'm your maker Natalie Furness. I began my freelance journey in 2006 while studying. After graduation, I worked full-time but always kept a freelance side hustle.

In 2018 I went freelance full-time as a fractional chief of marketing, for technology businesses. As my business grew, I launched a digital marketing agency, Niam marketing. I am also an Angel investor, nocode maker, and Airbnb host. These revenue streams allow me to work on my own terms, from anywhere in the world.

It is a great feeling to know that you never have to work full-time for anyone ever, again.

Now that it has been well over a decade since I had my first notion of becoming a freelancer, I am investing my energy to collate and share everything I have learnt. I hope that it will help those of you who are inspired to do the same.

Initially, I thought about writing a book and publishing it on Amazon, but that didn't inspire me. While books provide great insight and ideas, they often fail to provide the structure and resources to implement learnings into the real world.

As a dyslexic, I am also aware that books are not the best way for everyone to learn. As a result, I decided to build an interactive resource in the form of a Notion Dashboard and Freelance Notion was born.

The legal contracts that I have paid lawyers to write, templates of proposals I have written that have won me contracts, strategies that I have used to get meetings with C-suite executives are all available to you when you invest in Freelance Notion - Freelancer Operating System.

Contact me directly:

Twitter: @natalie_furn

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