Freelance Notion

The Business Operating System for Freelancers

Position your services, attract customers, close business and build passive income streams with Freelance Notion

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Make freelance life the best it can be.

Are you plannning to become a freelancer, or are you a freelancer who wants to increase your earnings without spending more time on client projects?

Save yourself time. Download Freelance Notion, packed with actionable insights to help you achieve your revenue goals.

About Freelance Notion

Written as an e-book, structured as a project management system, organised as a database filled full of resources.

What you will get when you download Freelance Notion

  • 10 step business development system

  • The freelancer pricing framework

  • Commercial legal contract templates

  • Business proposal templates

  • Accounting templates

  • Customer email templates

  • Social media engagement framework

  • Decision making frameworks

  • Database of freelancer tools

  • Video tutorials

  • Database of additional resources

  • Access to skill based communities

  • One-to-one coaching (premium only)

How to use Freelance Notion

Progress through the chapters

If you enjoy a linear, step by step learning experience work through the steps using the chapter system and complete tasks one by one in order to achieve your goals.

Find resources on the fly

If you need to find a specific tool for your business, use the search system to find the right resources at the right time.

The ten chapters

  1. Pros and cons of freelancing

  2. Set up your business

  3. Locate your target market

  4. Leverage your network

  5. Build a clear service offering

  6. Calculate your pricing

  7. Attract high value customers

  8. Close deals

  9. Upsell and cross sell

  10. Scale passive revenue streams

Additional benefits

Meet like-minded people

If you find that you work better when you have positive people around you, access skills and industry specific communities who support Freelance Notion.

If you run a community or have built a resource that you would like us to feature and link back to you, tweet the maker @Natalie_furn.

Get Freelance Notion first

The Freelance Notion, Freelancer OS pre-sale is now open. Purchase before the 4th Feb and receive > 50% off the launch price.

Freelancer OS will officially launch 10th February 2021

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